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"Brian Blessed are the Sick" Split CD

Image of "Brian Blessed are the Sick" Split CD


Split CD featuring Black Skies Burn and UK Hate Grind.

Black Skies Burn:
01. Dead By Association
02. Censorshit
03. T-Rex Stroke Arm
04. The Heineken Manoeuvre
05. Make You Humble
06. Grind 420
07. 10% Of Fuck All
08. Deceived*
*(Extreme Noise Terror Cover)

UK Hate Grind:
09. The Bloated Mess Of Satan
10. Fisted By The Hand That Feeds
11. Nun, So Vile
12. Postmortem Pat
13. Gastric Throat Gag
14. Tearer
15. Y.R.M.O.M.F.R.V
16. Creature Cumfarts
17. Dance!
18. Left Hand Psychopath
19. Morbid Orphan
20. All Out Gore

Released by: Grind Scene Records and
Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records.
Distributed by: Code 7.