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"To Grind and Pound: Allegiance of the Sick" 8-Way Split CD

Image of "To Grind and Pound: Allegiance of the Sick" 8-Way Split CD


8-Way Split CD featuring 41 tracks:

Holocausto Canibal:
1. Nosolagnia Predatória
2. Perfurada por Anzóis
3. Reek of Putrefaction (Carcass) live ft. Matt Harvey (Exhumed)

4. Schlongzilla Nukes Newcasshole
5. Rodney Nekroking
6. Alice D. in Wonderland
7. Upset, but Wet

Basement Torture Killings:
8. Story of T
9. Shit Carcass
10. On a Mountain Road
11. Abduction Torture Snuff Porn
12. Die You Fucking Bitch

Black Skies Burn:
13. Pissing Off the Locals
14. Pigs in Blankets
15. Columbian Marching Powder
16. Jouez un Beatdown
17. Ashes to Ashes, Turd to Turd
18. Crippler Crossface
19. Hits from the Mong
20. Cunt the Fuck Off

21. Gonorrea
22. Spicy Hot Baby Soup
23. Pornodipendenza Da Internet
24. Novak

Nagasaki Birth Defect:
25. Smoke Me a Kipper
26. Are You... The Matrix?
27. O.L.T.I.C.W.P.A. (Hep C Ya Later!)
28. Built for Discomfort, Not for Speed
29. Grind Theatre (The Rich Tapestry Of Sound)

Judas Cradle:
30. Fallbrett
31. Scaphic Pleasures
32. Point First Lesson Later
33. Pear of Deceit
34. Brazen Bull
35. Eaten by Rats
36. Spanish Donkey
37. Virgin of Nuremburg

38. Drive by Cumshots
39. Gloryhole Castration
40. Moonlight Gerontophile
41. The Shite at the End of the Tunnel

Released by: Grind Scene Records and Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records.
Distributed by: Code 7.